Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nothing Says Love Like a Humiliators Show at Trophy's

My favorite ATX rockers pulled off another fabulous show last night. I heart The Humiliators. Because it was the lovers holiday, the guys pulled out all the stops in rockin' the house. The stage featured a Godzilla-like creature, clawed hands in air and toothy snout open wide in a snarl. The King of Monsters turned from side to side and spewed out a haze of smoke, much to the audience's delight.

The band played at Trophy's, one of the dives in Austin that "forgets" there is a no smoking ordinance. I definitely do not miss the days of free-for-all smoking in clubs. Another interesting bit of trivia about the bar is useful knowledge for the ladies. The bathroom door doesn't lock, but there is a piece of knotted rope attached to it and a handy nail on the right side of the door frame. Also, the bathrooms aren't heated, so last night I think my potty break was less than 20 seconds long, from dropping trou to washing my hands.

The group's tight sound had me grooving along with the infectious beat. Their original tunes are a refreshing change from the cover bands heard all over town. If you want plain jane rock & roll, go troll the shows on 6th Street. If you want hard hitting, down and dirty fun times jam, come to the next Humiliator's show. There's one tonight at 11pm at Headhunter's on the patio stage.

And ladies, don't forget to throw your panties on stage. It's tradition. Last night the drummer took home a naughty little scarlet lace thong. Show 'em some love and leave 'em with your undies.

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