Friday, December 15, 2006

Pinup Priests!

A fellow blogger, albeit one who actually gets paid to do so, turned me on to the Calendario Romano something I can only call 12 months of pinup priests. Or as Miss Adventure termed it, it resembles a genre that rhymes with "May Born".

While Miss Adventure favors the month of March, I must say that July is quite attractive as well. And the pic of the priest and the pussycat...well, all I can say is "me-ow!".

The calendar is being hawked on ebay for $15.25 US. It's shipped from the UK, so get your order in now. And, it's a fundraiser! A portion of the sale ($1.86 US) goes to The Food Chain, a charity for Londoners living with HIV.

Not only will these make excellent New Year's gifts but also are a sure fire method to get you down on your knees and later, back into confession. "Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I'm guilty of impure thoughts...."

This calendar reminds me of Father What-a-Waste. Fr. Buddy Ceaser was a member of the Catholic music group The Dameans, who were based in New Orleans. I saw them perform several times at my North Louisiana church. He was quite sexy, with dark and mysterious eyes and thick black hair. Mmmmmm. I heard he later left the priesthood to marry his childhood sweetheart, who, rumor had it, had joined the convent when he entered seminary. As soon as he ditched the collar her wimple was history.


Missychel said...

OMHJ!!!! I am going to hell fo'sho. Is Dec. Keifer Sutherland's long lost christian relative?

Kaya said...

I thought Father December resembled a young Keifer, too!

Amanda Barras said...

Bless me father for you have made me sin!!!